What drivers need to know about hybrid batteries

Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Batteries

Hybrid vehicles are quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Due to their ability to use both gas and electricity, hybrid cars make an excellent driving option for eco-conscious people. However, many people that are new to hybrid vehicles may not understand how a hybrid battery works. Thankfully, the hybrid repair experts at C&M Automotive & Transmission in Simi Valley, California are here to help.

Hybrid Battery Basics

A hybrid car uses a gasoline-powered motor and an electric hybrid battery. The battery is rechargeable and can efficiently power the vehicle.

Most hybrid cars use a 12-volt lead-acid battery and gasoline to operate. Lithium-ion batteries, which are smaller and lighter, can be used too. The vehicle seamlessly switches between the two power sources and many drivers aren’t even aware of the transition.

Hybrid batteries are recharged through a process called regenerative braking. When the driver presses down on the brake pedal with their foot, it produces energy to recharge the electric battery.

In most states, automobile manufacturers are required to provide a warranty on hybrid batteries as an emissions control part for 80,000 miles or eight years. In 10 states, including California, hybrid batteries have a warranty for 150,000 miles or 10 years.

The downside to all of this is that a hybrid vehicle will not run without its hybrid battery. If your hybrid battery dies, you need to invest in hybrid repair, purchase a refurbished battery, or buy a brand new battery.

Hybrid Car Battery Care

To keep your vehicle’s hybrid battery running stronger for longer, charge it once every two months by starting the hybrid system for about half an hour. This process helps to prevent exhaust buildup.

Hybrid car batteries operate best when warm. On colder days, allow the battery to sufficiently warm up before driving the vehicle. Cooler weather can also affect the battery’s ability to hold a charge. Ensure your hybrid battery maintains a decent charge and never let it drain out completely.

Hybrid Help in Simi Valley, California

If you’re in need of hybrid battery repair services, contact the auto experts at C&M Automotive & Transmission in Simi Valley, California. We specialize in an array of hybrid repair services, including hybrid battery repair and replacements.

Keep the earth a little greener and some more green in your wallet by bringing your hybrid car in for servicing today!

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