Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Simi Valley, CA

Keep Your Vehicle Moving Straight Ahead

Crucial Car Maintenance

Wheel alignment is a crucial part of car maintenance that helps keep your vehicle at peak performance. Not only does it improve the overall ride quality, but it also ensures that the tires last longer and the car is more fuel-efficient. C&M Automotive & Transmission has been servicing cars’ general repairs and maintenance since 1974, and those years have produced many wheel alignments. Proper wheel alignment is essential for maintaining optimal performance in your vehicle as well as keeping yourself safe on the road. Not only does it improve the ride quality and fuel efficiency, but it also keeps your tires in good condition for longer periods of time by preventing premature wear from misalignment issues. Let our team take care of all your wheel alignment needs today. Call us at (805) 522-1759 to schedule an appointment.